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The term “talking cure” has been coined to refer to the process of psychotherapy, the process of introspection and expression of one’s inner world. Most people find it hard to identify what it is that causes them to feel despondent, constantly irritated or in a state of perpetual anxiety.


Each person is unique, and has a unique history and a set of needs, desires, and fears. Discovering what holds you back, changing old patterns and finding new ways of overcoming your difficulties in the course of therapy results in substantial changes on how you perceive yourself and relate to others.


Academic qualifications and teaching:


I hold a B. A. Hons degree in Social Psychology (University of Sussex) and a M.Sc. degree in Business Psychology (University of Westminster). I also hold a Ph.D in Health Psychology from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens, Greece). I am a visiting lecturer at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Masters program of Clinical Psychology. I have also taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in health psychology in private colleges in Athens collaborating with British universities.



Research work:


I have participated in research programs at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in collaboration with the university’s psychiatric clinic at the Aiginiteio Hospital and I am part of an international network promoting research of time perspective on health and illness. I have published a number of research papers in scientific journals and I have presented my work in international scientific congresses.



Clinical experience and training:


I have worked as a volunteer at the psychiatric hospital Dromokaiteio and as a paid employee in rehabilitation units for psychiatric patients in reform. I have completed a 4 year long training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and I have embarked on a 5 year long training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy which includes both theoretical training and personal analysis. I am a licensed psychologist practicing psychotherapy in both Greek and English language.


Scientific journals papers


Griva, F., Anagnostopoulos, F., & Madoglou, S. (2009). Mammography screening and the theory of planned behavior: Suggestions towards an extended model of prediction. Women & Health, 49 (8), 662-681.


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Gourounti, K., Anagnostopoulos, F., Griva, F., & Vaslamatzis, G. Alexithymia and fertility related stress. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology (submitted for publication).



Book chapters


Griva, F., & Anagnostopoulos, F. (2012). The time perspective meausurement scale. In A. Stalikas, S. Triliva, & P. Roussi (eds.), The Psychometric Instruments in Greece. Athens: Pedio Publications. (in Greek).


Griva, F. & Efthimiou, K. (2014). Identifying automatic thoughts. In K. Efthimiou & Koulouvari, M. (eds.), Cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques. Athens: IBRT Publications (in Greek).



Conference presentations


Griva, F., & Anagnostopoulos, F. (September, 2008). Psychosocial factors influencing breast cancer screening. Paper presented at the 7th Athens Congress on Women’s Health & Disease, Athens, Greece.


Antoniou, M., Griva, F., Karapavlou, D., & Chatziaslanis, A. (November, 2010). Interventions to prevent post-traumatic stress reactions following motor vehicle accidents. Paper presented at the 4th Panhellenic Conference on Clinical and Health Psychology, National School of Public Health, Athens. (in Greek).


Sircova, A., Van de Vijver, F., Osin, E., Fieulaine, N., Kislali-Erginbilgic, A., Milfont T. L., Zimbardo, P. G., & 50 members of the international time perspective project (July, 2010). ZTPI: Establishing equivalence across cultures. International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Melbourne, Australia.


Griva, F., Anagnostopoulos, F., & Madoglou, S. (2014). Time perspective and risk perception as related to mammography screening. Paper accepted for the 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Paris, France.


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